British band The Wytches have returned as a trio with their first new song after several years of dormancy. The band burned out after the whirlwind of effort that went into writing, recording and promoting their first two albums, but ultimately frontman Kristian Bell, bassist Dan Rumsey and guitarist Mark Breed found themselves compelled to start writing music together again.

The first song to be shared from the rebirth is “Cowboy”, which is a celebration of their return, as they explain: “It’s a song about attempting to return to a better state of mind. ‘Cowboy’ was a holding place title as it seemed like a riff that a cowboy would enjoy. It had 4 or 5 different verses and structures before the final recorded version and by then the name had stuck.”

“Cowboy” finds The Wytches not only back, but fill of pomp and swagger, fully embodying the outlaw mentality. Full of reverberating guitar and a drawling gait, “Cowboy” sucks you into a dustbowl setting, before The Wytches’ thunderous cacophony makes you suddenly realise you’re in the middle of an emotional gunfight – and you better get your wits about you quickly.

Check out “Cowboy” via the visualiser below or on your preferred streaming service.

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