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The Visual filters out the bliss in the breakup on “Stolen Moments”, announces album

The Visual – the project of Dutch-Flemish artist, songwriter and producer Anna van Rij – has officially announced its third album The Shore, which arrives on November 11th. With this announcement comes “Stolen Moments”, a breakup song with a surprisingly hopeful twist.

Adorned by pure-hearted melodies and crystalline textures, “Stolen Moments” finds Van Rij reminiscing how a failing relationship still adds meaning and insight to her own forward journey, even when the flames eventually go out. “I try to say goodbye to all the negative things and find healthy connections,” Van Rij explains. “Even in all my friendships. “Stolen Moments” is about a love I had to let go. Despite the fact that that relationship was quite toxic, there were also a lot of beautiful moments in between as well.”

If The Visual’s first two albums, Moments Of Being and The Spirit Of Age, meditated heavily on Van Rij’s individual place in the world, The Shore  revels in possibility, imagination and the tides of change, both lyrically and production-wise, lacing electronic productions with a well-honed live chemistry. This whimsical outlook has unlocked some new dimensions to both the music and songwriting. 

This album is about opening yourself up to vulnerability. It doesn’t always have to be a love story, but also talk about the way you generally feel about life. With the risk of you getting hurt, what you get in return is the experiences themselves. And it’s impossible for me not to chase down those experiences.

Listen to “Stolen Moments” below and on streaming services.

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