Lennert Madou

The Visual avow tranquility on “Radio Silence”

In short succession, Dutch-Flemish alternative outfit The Visual has delivered two melancholic masterpieces in 2019’s Moments Of Being and last year’s The Spirit Of Age. Despite this obvious productivity, founders Anna van Rij and Timon Persoon seem perfectly fine doing things within their own comfort zone and pace, not overtly concerned by industry machineries.

In fact, The Visual’s new single “Radio Silence” expresses a private wish for tranquility within a sea of impulses and noise. Van Rij: “Radio Silence is about wanting to get rid of the noise. I was probably in my ‘overstimulated mode’ and I thought ‘shut up and leave me alone’.”

The song was laid down very organically, showing The Visual in its current, potent form with Django Trienes on guitar and Christophe Claeys (Mark Lanegan, Balthazar) on drums.  “I’m someone who still needs to be able to accelerate when I feel it. ‘Radio Silence’ was not recorded on a click track either. It’s a tape recording; together we record it and we overdubbed little details, like the acoustic guitar. And we always pick the take that feels right.”

It offers the first tentative glimpse of The Visual’s upcoming third LP, which will be formally announced later this year.

Listen to “Radio Silence” below and find it on your favorite streaming platform.

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