Photo: Sumner Howell

The Sonder Bombs express their fury at the lack of accountability in music on “k.”

Cleveland quartet The Sonder Bombs are releasing their second album Clothbound later this month, and today have shared a new track from it called “k.” The band’s vocalist Willow Hawks explains the inspiration, saying:

“It really pisses me off when someone won’t admit they’re wrong. Especially when other people get hurt. Doubling down stunts the growth of your soul. I think as musicians with platforms, it’s our duty to be examples for accountability. We have this golden opportunity to be teachers by showing people what to do when we are wrong, how to accept mistakes & how to grow from them. The overwhelming presence in music of those who will not take responsibility for their actions infuriates me. That fury inspired this song.”

Even without the above quote to tune us in, it’s pretty obvious that The Sonder Bombs are furious on “k.” It starts with their trademark ukulele, but only seconds later come raging slashes of guitar, heralding the arrival of Hawks’ impassioned and snarling vocals. Backing the furious diatribe to the utmost, The Sonder Bombs galavant through bucking riffs and breakneck stop-starts, sharpening the edge of her already-savage singing. All this breathlessness takes place in two minutes, before they switch back to a sweetly sung and jingle-bell-imbued outro to deliver the final blow: “I’d love to watch your heart flatline.”

The Sonder Bombs’ new album Clothbound is out on January 29 via Take This To Heart Records in North America, Big Scary Monsters in the UK and EU, and Dew Process in Australia and New Zealand. You can find the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.