Photo: Jessie Morgan

Orchards are back with fire in their bellies on “Leave Us Here (We’re Fine)”

Brighton band Orchards released their debut album, Lovecore, early last year – just as the world shut down from you-know-what. On that album, they proved themselves masters of fusing bright and energetic melodies with pointed personal lyricism – and 18 months of being stationary since then has only allowed them to hone those talents. Today they return with the first sample of their next chapter in “Leave Us Here (We’re Fine)”, with singer Lucy Evers saying:

“This song means exactly what it says on the tin. Leave us here, we’re fine. We know what we want and where we want to be and we are screaming to get back there. ‘Leave Us Here, We’re Fine’ was one of the working titles for our debut album and it has always been a sentence that stood out and meant a lot to us. 

After the events of last year, lyrically we wanted to say exactly how we were feeling. Not to expose the lyrics completely (because whatever they mean to you is completely valid) but for me they were a release. A kick back at establishment at social expectations. At our passion and want for a safer and better world. I called it an anti-establishment song but really it’s an anti stereotype/tradition song. We know what we want in life and just because it’s different from expectation and social norms doesn’t mean it’s bad. I have so much faith in this generation to really build a more accepting world. Don’t let me down!” 

“We’re just patiently optimistic / so leave us here, we’re fine,” goes the irrepressible chorus – a decidedly peppy way of expressing their dogged desire to stand their ground and battle their demons and the world’s negative forces. While most of us have dreamed of being somewhere – anywhere – else, Orchards are determined to do the opposite; to not let any time go to waste, to fight for themselves and the people they love – and to remain positive through all the stress that entails. As usual, they do it in effervescent style – stubbornness has never looked or sounded so fun.

Listen to “Leave Us Here (We’re Fine)” on streaming platforms or watch the video below.

“Leave Us Here (We’re Fine)” is out on Big Scary Monsters. With news about a new album from Orchards hopefully just around the corner, make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.