Orchards’ “Wrong Shoes” is the disappointed power pop smash we need this winter

Orchards are releasing their Trust Issues EP in a few weeks, and today share another teaser from it called “Wrong Shoes”. The band are pretty excited about it, saying:

“Wrong Shoes is the angrier cousin of Drive Me Home. Still on brand wholesome Orchards, don’t worry, but it’s an anti love song at its core. Like with all our songs, whatever the words mean to you is totally valid. 

“This could be the best song we’ve ever written. Bold, I know. But honestly this whole EP reflects the best of our creativity and we are in love with the whole thing. We hope you find connection and validation in these tracks and Wrong Shoes is really one of those songs you can scream along to in the shower when you’re washing that person out of your hair.”

The band’s signature rhythmic melodies lock into place instantly on “Wrong Shoes”, as Lucy Evers’ voice sing-songs over the top about someone she dated, but has no idea where they stand – “I wonder when I’ll see you again / ’cause you’re different when in front of your friends.” This frustration boils over in the stampeding power-pop chorus, where Evers has to come to accept that this person isn’t the person she’d hoped they were. “There’s a stranger wearing all of your clothes / You’re a stranger but everybody knows / That it’s you” she sings with passion – the kind that demands fist gripping eyes-shut yelping passion in front of the mirror. With classic verses and choruses in the bank, Orchards double down by taking us through a math-y and emotional bridge, before doubling back to an extra emphatic final chorus and mosh-ready finale. If only all disappointment felt this good.

Watch the video for “Wrong Shoes” below or listen to the song on streaming platforms.

Orchards’ Trust Issues EP is out on Novmber 26 through Big Scary Monsters. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.