MAN ON MAN announce debut album with their ode to cruising, “1983”

MAN ON MAN is the duo of partners Joey Holman (HOLMAN) and Roddy Bottum (Faith No More, Imperial Teen, CRICKETS, Nastie Band), who have already made some waves with their early singles “Baby You’re My Everything” and “Daddy”, the latter of which had its video removed from YouTube for being ‘too explicit’, but was then reinstated when fans raised the point that this was a homophobic move.

Now M.O.M. are announcing their debut album: it’s called MAN ON MAN and comes out on May 7 through Polyvinyl (US) and Big Scary Monsters (UK). The announcement brings with it another new single called “1983”, with the duo saying:

We found the concept of outdoor cruising and anonymous hookups particularly interesting in this barren chapter of history. While sex apps have nearly obliterated IRL hookups and the pandemic currently forbids human contact, “1983” is a heartfelt homage to an era that glorified danger, anonymous encounters and sex positivity.”

Not only is “1983” an homage to those times, but M.O.M. further prove their musical versatility by switching modes again, this time opting for an 80s-style new-wave jam comprising drum machines and jangling guitars that glisten with pulse-quickening momentum. This plays into the tale of lust and lascivious activities, which they get to pretty much straight away, singing: “I was frowning down the promenade / And then I got to thinking about sucking you off.” What “1983” highlights, with lines like “It’s just that when we’re fucking I feel more understood”, is that these kinds of casual hookups are more tender and caring than what we might assume, and as M.O.M. imbue the song with stratospheric synths and interwoven guitars, it elevates it all to a truly beautiful bop.

The tenderness – and humour – of “1983” is taken further in the video by Steven Harwick, which you can watch below. Otherwise, listen to “1983” on streaming platforms.

MAN ON MAN’s self-titled debut album comes out on May 7 via Polyvinyl / Big Scary Monsters (pre-order/save). You can find the band on Facebook and Instagram.