Photo: Sonia Kiran

Remember Sports harmonize with Nadia Hulett on the reflective “Materialistic”

Philadelphia band Remember Sports have a new album called Like a Stone arriving on April 23, and following on from lead single “Pinky Ring” they’ve now shared the sombre “Materialistic”. Singer Carmen Perry says:

“It’s about the feedback loop of me caring about my possessions because they hold special memories, and alternately thinking I’m a bad person for caring about a mostly meaningless pile of junk. This song is special to us because we left a lot of room for Jack to do what he does best, and Nadia Hulett of Nadine made us all cry when she laid down her unimaginably angelic vocals in one take.”

While “Pinky Ring” showcased Remember Sports’ ability at writing pop-punk burners, “Materialistic” gives us a glimpse of their softer side, as it unspools on gorgeous acoustic guitar that bobs gently over the simple beat. This provides the perfect space for Perry’s reflection, as she sits in her room, observing her belongings and quietly unravelling. “I look around for a picture of me, I don’t see one,” she opens, before her inner-monologue spins out into deeper reflections on her personal paranoias and the despairing passage of time. Remember Sports sound like seasoned songwriters on “Materialistic”, making the song seem simple when in fact the expert layering of Perry’s voice with guest vocalist Nadia Hulett’s is pretty spectacular, as is the slow and steady build to the gut-wrenching and gorgeous finale.

Remember Sports’ new album Like a Stone is out on April 23 via Father/Daughter and Big Scary Monsters. You can find the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.