Photo: Piran Aston

The Lounge Society relay a stark vision of a fearsome near future on the whipping “Cain’s Heresy”, announce debut EP

The Lounge Society may only be a few singles deep into their career, but they’re already whipping up quite a storm of excitement with their tense sound and pointed lyricism. Following on from last year’s “Burn The Heather” they’ve now revealed plans for their debut EP: it’s called Silk For The Starving and comes out on June 18 via Speedy Wunderground. They’ve also shared a new single called “Cain’s Heresy”, saying:

“Cain’s Heresy is a portrait of the world we’re headed to – where consumers lie sedated while ‘This Week’s Hot Trend’ and ‘101 Style Tips For Summer’ are forced down their throats by gloved hands. It’s our way of saying ‘not on my watch’. Cain and Abel were brothers at war, and this song is our last stand in the war on culture which is being waged by corporations at the moment. Musically the song isn’t designed to fu*k about – we could’ve filled it with 7th chords and synths and bleeps and bloops but we wanted it to be raw and honest, and we think it sounds all the better for it.”

That fearsome, angry and determined attitude on display in the above quote transmits itself with hair-raising results in “Cain’s Heresy”. A breakneck post-punk song with guitars that could shred a whole platoon, it finds The Lounge Society showing no mercy and extrapolating horrifyingly from all the distasteful things they see in today’s world: “Poisonous ideals on the screen breed a vicious way of thinking, off the screen.” Nervy, stark and – most of all – vital, “Cain’s Heresy” is a seriously powerful statement from a band still in the early stages of their career, and could be an indication of the brave and thrilling course they’re charting with their excoriating and impassioned sound.

Listen to “Cain’s Heresy” on streaming platforms or watch the video below.

The Lounge Society’s Silk For The Starving EP comes out on June 18 via Speedy Wunderground (pre-order/save). You can find The Lounge Society on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.