Photo: Sophia Grouev

Thanya Iyer shares the quizzical “leave the room and face the waves”, announces EP

Thanya Iyer‘s 2020 album KIND was a big revelation: a generous record that made a melodies sound impulsive and inversely, improvisational noise sound sentient. Even after multiple listens, new details arise, soothing and marveling in equal measure.

Iyer’s latest single “leave the room and face the waves” marks the first new music released since KIND. Its cavernous, clattering percussion and playful clarinet flourishes feel like tuned-out voices to highlight the song’s introspective, mantra-like hook: “Leave the room and face the waves and try and find my way / by dancing through the snow “. Originally written during a teaching residency in Witset, BC, Canada, Iyer asked students she was working with to get in tune their own vulnerability through making music. In turn, this exchange ignited a spark within Iyer as well.

“leave the room and face the waves” offers a first glimpse of upcoming EP rest, which will be out August 24 via Topshelf Records. “rest is in many ways a reflection of myself, asking the question, “who am I when it all stops?”, Iyer comments, taking on the challenge of creating within a space of tranquility and solitude, remote from the collaborative, communal environment that spawned her previous album.

Watch the video for “leave the room and face the waves” below.

Order rest here via the Topshelf Records webshop. Follow Thanya Iyer on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Spotify.