Photo: Holly Whitaker

Speedy Wunderground signees Honeyglaze take us into a restless night in the tempestuous debut single “Burglar”

Honeyglaze are a South London trio who describe themselves as “the ungodly fusion of 3 humans into a clamouring superorganism. It eats only fish, and demands undistracted and constant worship. FFO Power Rangers, Salvador Dalí”. They also happen to be the latest signees to heat seeking London label Speedy Wunderground, who today put out their debut single “Burglar”. The band introduce the song by saying:

“Burglar is based around a Bukowski poem. It feels like being half-awake before dawn and waiting alone for the clarity of morning. It drifts between calm and anxiety, between dream and consciousness.
“In the same vein as the lyrics, the video isn’t a story so much as a recreation of hypnagogia, a place between sleep and wakefulness. It was inspired by the Maya Deren film, “Meshes of the Afternoon”. Confusion, anxiety and fear build as the shadows of sleep paralysis become just as real as the material world.”

Taking us right into that endless night, “Burglar” begins with a quietly crawling guitar, like moonlight moving slowly across the wall. As jazzy drums and wan atmospherics kick in, we feel like we’re drifting in and out of consciousness with Honeyglaze. The lyricism elucidates their inner monologue, with worries about “a burglar coming to take my time away” being sung into the silent night. Tossing and turning, “Burglar” picks up a little zip, as if Honeyglaze have just about drifted off and are now zipped off into a memory of a far away town – though not a particularly happy place. Their deft instrumental interplay is light and almost bucolic for a second, before they wake again, and we’re back to watching the seconds slowly tick by until the dawn creeps in. Honeyglaze maintain this delicate tug of war through the song’s five minutes, showing off nimble playing and tight dynamic interplay. Overall, “Burglar” is a perfect advert for Honeyglaze as your next band to watch.

Watch the video for “Burglar” below or listen to it on streaming platforms.

“Burglar” is out on Speedy Wunderground. You can find Honeyglaze on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They’ve also got these live dates ahead:

Wednesday 15th September – 100 Club, Fred Perry All Our Tomorrows Festival (tickets)
Friday 17th September – The Windmill, London w/Monophonics (Sold Out)
Saturday 9th October – Chameleon Art Café, Nottingham w/Lounge Society (tickets)
Sunday 10th October – Hope and Ruin, Brighton w/Lounge Society (tickets)
Tuesday 12th October – Crofters Rights, Bristol w/Lounge Society (tickets)
Wednesday 13th October – Castle Hotel, Manchester w/Lounge Society (Sold Out)
Saturday 16th October – Live at Leeds, Leeds (tickets)
Sunday 17th October – SWN Festival, Cardiff (tickets)
Tuesday 19th October – Heartbreakers, Southampton w/Lounge Society (tickets)
Wednesday 20th October – Folklore, London w/Francis of Delirium (Sold Out)
Thursday 21st October – The Windmill, London w/Lounge Society (Sold Out)
Wednesday 27th October – The Fiddler, London w/L’objectif (tickets)