Photo: Pearl Cook

Softcult soar on new See You In The Dark EP

Softcult’s astounding new six-song collection See You In The Dark is certain to get votes for EP Of The Year. Their latest single “Spoiled” draws you in with its arresting guitar hook and smart lyrics, but the entire EP is brilliant from start to finish.

Softcult consists of Canadian twin siblings Mercedes and Phoenix Arn-Horn. Their music is immersive, propulsive and ultra-intelligent – for example, the EP gets its title from a Nietzsche quote. In addition to “Spoiled”, the new EP features “Dress”, a harrowing song about the aftermath of sexual assault, while “Love Song” is a melodic masterpiece where the Tame Impala-esque verses elevate into a stunning chorus that sounds like it would have fit beautifully on Side B of The Beatles’ Abbey Road.

Commenting on “Spoiled”, Mercedes notes: “No matter how well things are going, there’s a part of me that is convinced I’m not worthy. It’s constantly telling me I’m not good enough, that I’m a disappointment, that something about me is broken. That secret mental bully part of me is the part that lashes out at the people I care about and pushes them away. This song is about those deep-rooted fears and insecurities we all have about ourselves, and the gratitude we feel for the people that stay.”

Not content to do music alone, the sisters also publish a fabulous zine called SCripture. And they’re about to kick off an extensive UK/European tour, followed immediately by dates in Japan and southeast Asia.

Watch the video for “Spoiled” below, or find the full See You In The Dark EP on the streaming services.

Softcult’s See You In The Dark EP is out now via Easy Life Records.

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