Photo: Elvina Vladi Kvisle

Sløtface profess their pleasure on the power pop blast “HAPPY”

Norwegian band Sløtface are looking ahead to 2023 with the revelation that they’ll be putting out a new EP in February. As a first taste of that we have “HAPPY” with the band’s de-facto leader Haley Shea saying:

“For this upcoming EP the main themes I’ve been exploring are really joy, happiness and all of the opposites of these feelings – what it means to feel happy or content. “Happy” is one of the first songs we finished writing together with the new band who perform the Sløtface songs live and also contribute on most of the recorded music.

“Lyrically, the song is very direct, simple and honest. I was working on how to write about the themes of the EP and thought I’d try saying it as simply as I could. I truly do just want to feel happy. And after a few years of soul searching as to what that could mean, this felt like the most direct way to express those feelings.”

Direct, simple and honest is exactly what “HAPPY” is – but those things aren’t always easy to make into a killer song. Sløtface have managed it by pairing Shea’s gripping, forceful vocal with drums and guitar that have one thing on their mind: drive forward with purpose. It’s a glittering battering ram of a track, ready to inspire anyone to blast through their doubts and focus on whatever it is they need to get to a place of satisfaction.

Watch the live lyric video for “HAPPY” below or find the studio version on streaming platforms.

“HAPPY” is out on Propeller Recordings. You can find Sløtface on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.