Photo: Elvina Vladi Kvisle

Sløtface expresses towering anxiety through the vivid “Nose”, announces new EP

Norwegian act Sløtface, guided by Haley Shea, will release a new EP called Awake / Asleep on February 24 through Propeller Recordings. We’ve previously heard the single “Happy” and now we have “Nose”, with Shea saying:

“‘Nose’ is what I would call a pretty general “Sløtface anxiety” song, a recurring theme I always come back to. Nose is a conversation between me and a loved one where I’m trying to use imagery to describe what anxiety feels like to someone who doesn’t experience it, how even the smallest things can trigger it and send me into a thought spiral that feels impossible to stop. The choruses are then the replies of someone I love reminding me to breathe, a tactic which usually helps me calm my thoughts, when done in the right way, by my partner, family and loved ones.”

Whereas “Happy” found Sløtface blasting through anxiety, “Nose” finds Shea detailing her worries in vivid imagery. From feeling like there’s a battleship in her chest to wondering if she’ll ever see the sun again to being certain she’s going to be evicted, this is not a song about the good times – yet Sløtface make it into cathartic singalong anthem anyway. Someone asking her “are you breathing through your nose” is not the most helpful to Shea in her anxious state, but it makes for a stomping chorus here as the frustration bubbles over. Sløtface repeats the inane question while everything around explodes with uncontainable energy and colour – including a sprawling sax solo to top it all off.

Watch the lyric video for “Nose” below or find it on streamers.

Sløtface’s Awake / Asleep EP comes out on February 24 through Propeller Recordings. You can find Sløtface on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.