Secretive dream-pop trio Coco invite us into romantic sanctuary with “Last of the Loving”

Coco is the mysterious collective of musicians whom we apparently know from other projects – but they aren’t ready to reveal their identities, instead ensuring that the music remains uppermost. Following the gorgeous singles “Empty Beach” and “One Time Villain”, they’ve today shared “Last of the Loving”. They say:

“Last of the Loving” portrays the feelings and sentiments of a blossoming relationship. The world turns and moves while you exist in a new little bubble. Unwittingly, two weeks before the Covid lockdown began, we wrote a song about the intimacy of quarantine, with all its attendant blessings and curses. In this quarantine era, relationships of all sorts have been tested to the limits, many have ended, and against all odds many have begun. All three of us have entered or exited relationships during the lockdown, which makes this recording feel particularly prophetic and poignant from the perspective of summer 2020.”

The new tune is their most upbeat yet, bordering on danceable, a reflection of the joy that radiates from the song. “Last of the Loving” finds them harmonising over simplistic but lively rhythm, leaving space for their descriptions of pure attraction to shine: “outside the window I see wind enough to fly / and in the mirror we look fine enough to die.” Coco continue to quietly build “Last of the Loving” both musically and lyrically, until it hits full swing as a purely uplifting pop gem, and you’ll have the delightful hook “I love you more when you never say goodbye” stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Who knows what or when we’ll hear next from Coco, but you can find them on Instagram and Facebook.