Mysterious collective Coco share a dreamy personal history on “One Time Villain”

Coco are a new collective of musicians whom we might already know from previous projects – but they’re not willing to reveal their identities. They say:

“Coco is not about who we are; it doesn’t magnify our personas. We choose to share this music with the world anonymously because we want Coco to be solely and truly about the music. We want the songs to speak for themselves, to be received in pure form by the listener alone.”

Despite the anonymity, Coco’s new song “One Time Villain” still lets us in on some personal reflections: “I was having lunch with you in a vinyl booth when I was 22 / When I was 24 people told me what to do, I don’t need it anymore.” Some scant detail, but in the vocal delivery, and in conjunction with the dreamy guitars, light piano and bleeping solos, it’s utterly transportative. A simple song, but one that nonetheless envelopes you in a thick blanket of nostalgia, “One Time Villain” has us deeply intrigued.

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