Photo: Adrian Samson

Róisín Murphy shares the searching “Something More” and announces album

Irish pop legend Róisín Murphy has been teasing a new album for a while now, not least with a string of excellent singles, so it’s not a surprise but it is still a pleasure to hear the news that she will be releasing an album – excellently titled Róisín Machine – on September 25. She’s also shared a new song called “Something More” which was developed with NYC songstress Amy Douglas. Murphy says:

We met last year at a very interesting talk event in London about the psychology and science of Dub. We hit it off immediately, I’m afraid we may have heckled the speakers, who happened to have among them Andrew Weatherall! I asked her to write me a song about never being full or satisfied, exponential need. She sent a very basic but brilliant demo very soon after, just her singing and playing a piano. The challenge then is to get the music-direction right, the arrangement and the voicing.

“Something More” maintains the slinky techno-adjacent pop of Murphy’s recent singles, but at a slower pace, which reflects the explorative nature of the song. “Life just keeps me wanting” she repeats like a mantra, “I want something more”; these repeated messages emblematic of her hunger to keep striving forwards personally and artistically. “Something More” is chameleonic, suitable for both a stylish party or a sultry one-on-one, displaying an artist who is ever challenging herself and her listeners.

Listen to “Something More” via the embed below or on your preferred platform.

Róisín Murphy’s new album Róisín Machine is out on September 25 through Skint / BMG. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.