Photo: Rose Waite

Mereki teases out her inner conflict on “Wake Up Dead”

Mereki’s new single “Wake Up Dead” isn’t really bedroom pop, even though much of the song’s video is performed from bed. The single has a vibrant, vernal feel that’s perfect for late March – and it heralds the release of Mereki’s debut album Death Of A Cloud.

The Australian/English artist worked on the album for seven years across three continents, and the new release has depth and beauty that far surpass most pop records.

“Making this album was like turning myself inside out, peering into the darkest corners of my soul and letting the light in,” says Mereki. “I learned so much about me and about life and about who I want to be in it. This record means freedom from the past, it means letting go of pain and trauma and becoming one with the light within. This record means growth and healing. This record means fun and playfulness and mischief.”

Mereki has worked with industry heavyweights like Dan Nigro (Caroline Polachek) and Justin Raisen (Charli XCX), but she’s more into altruism than name-dropping. A few years ago, the artist created Mereki’s Clubhouse, a creativity-affirming platform that gives a voice to emerging female artists. The Clubhouse motto “Be Kind” has grown into a nonprofit group of the same name.

Listen to “Wake Up Dead” below, or find the full Death Of A Cloud album on streamers.

Death of a Cloud is out on BMG. Follow Mereki on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.