Photo: Matilda Hill-Jenkins

Porridge Radio are emotionally dismantled on wrecking ball rocker “The Rip”

Brighton band Porridge Radio are releasing their new album Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky in May, and following on from lead single “Back To The Radio” we now have “The Rip”. Singer Dana Margolin reveals:

“We wanted it to sound like massive pop, like Charli XCX, but with the instrumentation of bands like Slothrust or Deftones. It took the longest a song has ever taken me to write lyrics for, and they took form over a few years. At the beginning it was a song about a power dynamic where I was in control, by the end it was about one where I had none. 

“My friends always accuse me of making up idioms and using them like they are well known phrases and I think this song is full of those. I love the idea of something being sick at the seams, like it’s disintegrating from its core. I like things that are so simple they are universal. I wanted it to sound like when your heart breaks so badly that your entire body aches. I wanted it to feel like your soul is dropping out of your body.”

That feeling of a massive pop song is still in there, but the song is so dominated by Margolin’s all-encompassing emotion and epic guitar that the catchiness is shoved into the shadows behind the towering presence of her heart. Porridge Radio bolster her candid and rasped confessions of pain and heartbreak with grandiose synths and a titanic rock structure. It makes Margolin’s unique images land like a body blow, and by the time of the toppling, tornado finale, we’re all swept up in the grandiose drama, screaming along.

Watch the video for “The Rip” below or listen on streaming platforms.

Porridge Radio’s new album Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder to the Sky comes out on May 20 through Secretly Canadian (pre-order/save). You can find them on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.