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Zola Jesus set to release album of string arrangements on Sacred Bones

By ; June 12, 2013 at 7:06 AM 

Zola Jesus - Versions

After the conclusion of her Conatus world tour, Nika Roza Danilova (Zola Jesus) was offered the opportunity to perform at New York’s Guggenheim Art Museum. Instead of strictly recreating the music on her previous releases for the show, she paired with composer and experimental pioneer JG Thirlwell (Foetus) to arrange her songs for a string quartet. The resulting tracks form the basis of her upcoming album Versions, due out August 20th via Sacred Bones.

Danilova explained the songs like this:

“Versions is about the bones of the music; taking approximations from past records and turning them inside out. With all framework exposed, the songs are given a new medium in which to evolve and bloom into their own tiny worlds.”

That’s the cover art for the album above and you can check out the full tracklist below.

Zola Jesus
(Sacred Bones, 2013)
01. Avalanche (Slow)
02. Fall Back
03. Hikikomori
04. Run Me Out
05. Seekir
06. Sea Talk
07. Night
08. In Your Nature
09. Collapse
10. Avalanche [Bonus]

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