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Listen: Sunwolf – “Push It”

By ; August 26, 2013 at 6:11 PM 

Angel Eyes

DC and Glasgow, Scotland aren’t two cities you’d normally put together in the same sentence, but listen to Sunwolf’s new single “Push It” and you’ll hear Scotland’s 1990s embedded in it. There are accents present, call and response vocals, and choruses that you’ll find it hard not to want to sing along to. And with a name like Sunwolf, you’d be right to think the DC band have something of the summer season about them (even though it’s on the way out for most of us); “Push It” is the kind of track to pump out of your stereo on your way to the beach, or just to imagine being played to a festival crowd. And going by the whoops and clatter at the end of the track, the band sound like they have their own party going too, and you can hear the rest of it when they release their new Angel Eyes EP on 8th October on El Rey Records. In the meantime, begin the inevitable repeated plays of “Push It.”

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