Photo: Lucia Garcia

Minke is masterful on “Happier Than Me”

When music historians look back on the 2020s, they’ll probably put four faces on the Mount Rushmore of female pop greats: Taylor Swift, Maggie Rogers, Caroline Polachek and Minke. The London-born Minke is back with a fabulous new single called “Happier Than Me” that proves yet again that she’s one of the premier vocalists and songwriters of this era.

Minke had a series of setbacks that began with Covid, her mother’s passing and a motorbike accident that resulted in a broken back and finger that left her unable to play guitar for months. It’s great to hear her music once again.

Most songwriters try to write choruses that elevate, but Minke’s choruses ignite. You can hear that on her 2019 single “Maybe 25” – and it’s on full display again in “Happier Than Me”.

Commenting on the new single, Minke says, “It speaks to the type of loneliness you only feel in a crowded room. I think some people would probably call it depression, but I was excited and relieved writing it, realising everyone in the room could relate to that feeling. This was just before the pandemic hit when I was drifting, in a bit of a rut but not realising it at the time. With hindsight comes perspective. A lot has changed since I wrote it. It exists as a time-stamp and will hopefully help people feel less alone.”

Watch the video for “Happier Than Me” below, or find the song on your favorite streaming service.

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