Luke Titus will be releasing his debut solo album PLASMA on November 13, which comes after years playing as a session musician (most notably on Noname’s Room 25). While he maintains his excellent percussion skills, going solo also allows him to show off his musical versatility, and new single “I’ll Be Here” is a perfect example.

Built atop walls of neon synths and a hypnotic rhythm, “I’ll Be Here” finds Titus unburdening himself of emotions he’s held deep. Over the imperious selection of tones, his voice is beseeching and vulnerable, but it also possesses plenty of feeling. “I’ll Be Here” comprises many carefully-selected sounds, a compelling beat and a series of overlaid melodies, but it all comes together into a deceptively simple-sounding track that carries his heartfelt message perfectly: “don’t take too long to say goodbye / I’ll be here,” he sings, and we feel the weight of every word.

The video for “I’ll Be Here” is also very much worth a watch, as it finds Titus on a fictional talk show hosted by NNAMDÏ (his labelmate on Sooper), in a Joker-style delusion.

Luke Titus’ album PLASMA comes out on November 13 through Sooper. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.