Photo: Dennis Elliot

Sen Morimoto deconstructs life and pop music with “Woof”, from his new album

Chicago-based musical intrigue Sen Morimoto has announced his new album; it’s self-titled and is coming out through Sooper on October 23. As a statement on what to expect from Sen Morimoto, he says:

“Thematically, the album explores self-examination–the way reality breaks the distortion of subjective experience. Focusing on minutia, the album highlights the ways that our learned habits, such as shameful desires and righteous ideals, are inherited by everyday motions of modern American life. The grotesque and ignored emerging in dreams, begin to inform a cruel reality. Touring through a world on a wire, my dreams, in harrowing vibrant color, began to cross the threshold into my waking life. My self-titled album comes as a statement from somewhere in between those two worlds.”

Morimoto has offered up his first attempt to wrestle all of that into song with the diminutively titled lead single “Woof”, where he begins: “I’m too tired for pretending to be happy / Now I’m crying so loud that my dog is barking at me.” This self-effacing, human introduction is explored further as Morimoto leans into his sing-rapping style, delivering flowing bars over skittering drums, woozy keys and plenty of samples – including a crucial wolf howl. From title, to lyrics, to instrumentation, and in pretty much every possible way, “Woof” is an utterly charming pop-rap hybrid that is chameleonic enough to harmonise with any feeling – whether you’re high on life or down in the dumps.

You can hear “Woof” on streaming platforms or watch the video directed by New Trash below.

Sen Morimoto’s self-titled album comes out on October 23 through Sooper. You can find him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Bandcamp.