Photo: Miwah Lee

Lala Lala shares shares the mysterious reservoir of emotion “Utopia Planet”

In a relatively short span of time, Lala Lala – aka Lillie West – has proven to be a truly unpredictable artist. While the album that brought her to most folks’ ears – 2018’s The Lamb – reveled in attitude and a space between indie rock and prickly bedroom pop, her follow up, the quickly approaching I Want the Door to Open sprints in another direction entirely.

Boasting numerous collaborators and delving into expansive, layered, and often mysterious sounds and textures, it’s a truly giant step forward for the Chicago-based artist.

As a final helping prior the album’s release this Friday, West has shared “Utopia Planet”, the album’s closing track, along with a serene, digitally created video. Also prominent in the song is a feature from West’s own grandmother, whose spoken words gently haunt the song’s final moments, just as saxophone courtesy of Sen Morimoto enters the picture.

Speaking on the track, West shares, “‘Utopia Planet’ was born because my friend Kara Jackson and I challenged each other to write a song about Utopia. I tried to imagine a great expanse, abundance, an open door. It’s an invitation to surrender. I used a recording of my grandmother to take you further into another world.

Check it out below or on streaming platforms.

I Want The Door To Open comes out this Friday, October 8, through Hardly Art (pre-order/save). Follow Lala Lala on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.