Photo: Jason Macdonald

Colleen Green vibes out on the power-reclaiming “Someone Else”

Colleen Green turned plenty of heads with her belated coming of age album, 2015’s I Want to Grow Up. Hitting a rare sweet spot between introspection, panic, and plain old good vibes, it was a rare gem. Seemingly aware of just how special it was, Green has taken her time with her proper follow up.

It’s only right that she’d title her new album just the level she’d have to reach to return: Cool. She’s unconcerned, she’s here, she’s in charge.

For the latest offering from the approaching LP – due out September 10 via Hardly Art – she’s offered up the breezy album opener, “Someone Else”. Sound can be deceptive, naturally – in fact, she’s taking on as weighty an issue as ever.

Green elaborates, “This song is about double standards within a relationship, and how they can go both ways. It’s about coming to terms with you how you actually feel about something and taking responsibility for how that affects you. It’s about taking back power in a one-sided relationship and not letting someone else dictate your happiness. It’s about choices and the act of making them.

Check it out below or on streaming platforms.

Cool arrives on September 10 through Hardly Art. Catch Colleen Green on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You can also support via her Patreon.