Loverman haunts and bellows with the dark, yearning “Parlay”

After dropping the macabre folk strummer “Into The Night”, Belgian musician Loverman (real name James de Graef) reveals “Parlay”, another chilling song that lingers like a remarkable intermediate between Scott Walker and Nick Drake. Funny enough, De Graef – who also fronts bizarro pop unit Shht – confessed never even hearing a Scott Walker-record before deciding to pen songs in quietude; he just naturally ends up sounding this way.

“I remember ‘Parlay’ being the first song I wrote on an old Stella guitar I bought about a year ago,” De Graef explains, “Holding the instrument for the first time, all the while playing the same chord in the same rhythm, I remember being mesmerised by its lived through, wooden sound. The song began to write itself the moment I opened my mouth to sing. I didn’t know what the song was going to be about at the time, but looking back now I hear the restlessness I was experiencing. I wanted to convey this unease, a sense of haunted-ness.”

Watch the haunting live rendition below, and check out the song on streaming outlets.

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