Renée Reed is a Lafayette, Louisiana songwriter who is described as “unselfconsciously Cajun,” and in her previous two singles has already proven to be a captivating and brave songwriter. Today she reveals plans for a self-titled debut album, due on March 26 through Keeled Scales, and she says:

“This album is a collection of songs about toxic relationships, seeing ghosts, ancestral baggage and blessings, and daydreaming about love. It is about certain feelings and experiences I’ve had over my life coming to fruition in the past three years. It was all made on a four track recorder at home, in a place and in a way I feel most natural, and I believe that quality comes through in the sound.” 

In addition to the announcement comes another stunning single called “Fast One”, which certainly displays the wit and presence of this young music maker. At first it might seem like a pleasant acoustic song, but there’s an edge to the way she plucks her guitar, and while her vocals may sound ghostly, there’s a definitely heft to the words themselves. Delving into a past toxic relationship, Reed relays her impressions and opinions with unwavering command of her emotions and voice. Never having to raise her voice or make blunt statements, Reed still ensures her simmering ire is unquestionable – and you wouldn’t want to be the next to get trapped in her transfixing gaze.

Renée Reed’s debut album Renée Reed is out on March 26 via Keeled Scales. You can find her on Bandcamp and Instagram.