Grace Pendleton

Why Bonnie unveil “90 In November”, the wistful, bittersweet title track of their debut LP

Why Bonnie‘s melodic dream pop is frayed with a rustic, heartland charm, and “90 In November” – the title track off their upcoming debut LP, released August 19th on Keeled Scales – demonstrates this sensibility to a tee. After releasing debut EP Voice Box, the band has moved North to the metropolitan New York area. However, their minds are still firmly hooked into the outstretched desert topsoil of home state Texas.

Within the song’s simmering backdrop, songwriter Blair Howerton romanticises images of ”a technicolor sun” and “a cardboard cutout cowboy waving me goodbye” as if they’re sentient things, her voice sounding diaphanous like a stained-glass window.

“I wanted to capture the bittersweet feeling of saying goodbye to the landscape that shaped you while still dealing with the anxieties of what lies ahead,” says Howerton. “Nostalgia always hits with a flash of disjointed memories – like speeding down the highway or sweating in the Texas heat.”

Instead of setting shop in an industry hotbed, the band –  Howerton, keyboardist Kendall Powell, guitarist Sam Houdek, bassist Chance Williams, and drummer Josh Malett – opted to record in the small town of Silsbee, the perfect purgatory to contemplate what you’ve left in the rearview and what adventures lie ahead.

Check the music video for “90 In November” below, and find it on streaming platforms here.

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