Photo: Heather Swift Hunt

Liverpool experimentalist Dialect shares tactile and sensory “Under~Between” from new album

Dialect is the moniker of Liverpool-based sound artist Andrew PM Hunt, who will be releasing a new album called Under~Between on March 19 through RVNG Intl. Ahead of that, he has shared the album’s title track, which you can hear along with a soothing video below.

Placing Dialect’s music in the grand map of electronic and ambient music is difficult, and is made even more so with the new elements incorporated for this project. Listing the sounds on “Under~Between” would be facile, as there are just too many, and it’s not just about which instruments he’s included, but how he’s implemented them. Although boasting a vast array of tones, the song is fairly sparse, unspooling in gradual shades of electronic and acoustic tones, morphing almost imperceptibly from one moment to the next. They are so lovingly and pristinely produced that you feel weightless as you float on a gentle breeze of evolving textures, a sparkling new element catching your ear at almost every moment. The one constant is the whispering voice of collaborator Hannah Bitowski, which unfurls sudden snapshots of images in ASMR-inducing softness; it’s odd, but it’s perfectly at home in this sensory delight of a song.

Dialect’s new album Under~Between arrives on March 19 through RVNG Intl. (pre-order). You can find Dialect on Twitter and Instagram.