Photo: Eli Welbourne

Ian William Craig and Daniel Lentz team up for FRKWYS Vol. 16, share “Poire”

RVNG Intl.’s renowned FRKWYS series – where they pair experimental musicians of different generations for a collaborative album – is reaching its 10th anniversary, and they’ve got the perfect way to mark it. They are set to released the 16th FRKWYS instalment, which combines experimental classical-meets-drone artist Ian William Craig with pianist Daniel Lentz for an album called In A Word. It will land on November 20.

As often seems to be the case, the pairing of Craig and Lentz has been an extremely fruitful one, which is evidenced by the release of “Poire” – the closing track from the forthcoming In A Word. Lentz adds the rain-dropping piano keys to form the core of the engrossing patchwork of sound, which features glitching electronics and single sung notes from Craig. It sounds silly written down, but regardless, it makes for one spellbinding whole, and more than readies us for the rest of the partnership’s output.

The video for “Poire” was created by Eli Welbourne and is taken from an upcoming documentary about Craig and Lentz – that’s just how well they get along!

Ian William Craig & Daniel Lentz’s FRKWYS Vol. 16: In A Word arrives digitally on November 20, with physical editions being released on January 29 (pre-order).