Oliver Coates reveals new album with the gorgeous cello drone “Butoh baby”

Experimental cellist Oliver Coates has announced a new album called skins n slime, due for release on October 16 through RVNG Intl. It follows up 2018’s Shelley’s on Zenn-La but substitutes out the percolating beats that characterised that album in favour of layers of string and sound.

The first song to be shared from skins n slime is “Butoh baby”, which is a shimmering gateway into Coates’ world of sound. Strings both melodic and buzzing set the stage as they zag across each other like contrails in a golden sky. Before long, Coates’ loopers start to make themselves known, decadently drizzling more layers of delicacy and echo on to this already heady piece, adding density and depth that you just want to fall infinitely upwards into.

Watch the video for “Butoh baby”, created by Leah Walker and Lewis Walker below.

Oliver Coates’ new album skins n slime comes out on October 16 through RVNG Intl. You can find him on Bandcamp and Instagram.