Photo: Ebru Yildiz

Greg Fox casts haunting shadows on the spacious “Parasthesia”

Virtuoso drummer Greg Fox has been busy in the last few years working with the likes of Uniform and EX EYE, but on May 29 he’s returning with a new album under his own name called Contact. Today he has shared a second glimpse from the record called “Parasthesia”.

Parasthesia is the sensation of burning or prickling skin, usually in the hands, and you can be pretty sure it’s something that Greg Fox is more than accustomed to. Rather than express the feeling as frustration or pain, “Parasthesia” gets right under the skin and inside the physical sensation, using lightly fizzing atmospherics to circle around the booming off-kilter beat and aching dulcimer that lie at the centre. Where previous single “From the Cessation of What” reminded us exactly all the reasons why Greg Fox is such an in-demand percussionist, “Parasthesia” shows us that he’s just as adept at using quietness and negative space to emphasise his unique ear.

Greg Fox’s new album Contact will be out on May 29 via RVNG Intl. Part of the proceeds from the album will benefit Dhamma Dharā Vipassana Meditation Center 

He has also launched a kickstarter to build a public-facing recording studio in his home state of New York. More info on that is on the kickstarter page.

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