Kate NV prances through trouble on synth bop “Plans”

Last time we saw Russian artist Kate NV she was dressed up as a fairytale prince in the video for “Marafon 15”. But, with only a few weeks until the release of her new album Room For The Moon, she brings us back to Earth today with “Plans”. She says:

The song is about plans and the absurdity of the events surrounding us. It is about how everything constantly collapses and changes, that nothing is really clear and that it is impossible to plan everything. It was written before the pandemic and economic crisis, and turned out to be as relevant as ever now. It may sound like the meaning is harsh, but the song itself is very funny and sarcastic and it is more about still having fun while there is a complete disaster around us”

As explained in that quote, “Plans” is by no means downcast or a drag of a listen; instead it’s an energetic track filled with elastic bass and simple drums underpinning lively sax and synth. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand what’s being said in “Plans”, because this song is all about the lighthearted mood. Kate’s approach is one of a smirking trickster, someone who is carefree and just looking for some mischief to get into – and, with the glistening instrumentation and buoyant bounce of “Plans”, the message is that she’s found plenty.

Kate NV’s new album Room For The Moon is due out on June 12 via RVNG Intl. Follow her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.