Photo: Richard Johnathan Miles

Russian electronic artist Kate NV gets playful in “Marafon 15”

Kate NV is releasing her new album Room For The Moon on June 12 via RVNG Intl., and following the beautiful “Sayonara” from earlier this year she’s now shared the delightful “Marafon 15”, along with a video.

“Marafon 15” is a grooving and silver-dappled electronica track, where Kate NV’s vocals dance amidst carefully structured synths. She manages to make something that sounds like it’s grounded in reality, but has its soul amidst the stars.

The video for “Marafon 15” furthers the playfulness, with Kate saying: “When I came up with the fairytale prince character for this video my idea was to make a gnome-inspired hat to go with the outfit. But when we came to the milliner they refused to make it the way we wanted, saying: “a gnome is a gnome but this is still fashion, girls”. That’s how we got this fancy red hat instead of the ordinary one. This phrase became very popular amongst the crew during the shooting days and is central to the video”

Watch the video for “Marafon 15”, directed by Gina Onegina, below.

Kate NV’s Room For The Moon comes out June 12 via RVNG Intl. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.