Photo: Jenia Filatova

Kate NV drops the playfully tactile “meow chat”

With her new album WOW now just over a month away from release, Russian artist Kate NV has shared a new single from it called “meow chat”.

Set to be the closer of WOW, “meow chat” is neither the epic finale nor the final calm down – instead it is a cartoonishly playful track that suggests Kate NV’s mind is still overflowing with whacky ideas that could yet come spilling out. It’s filled with colourful melodies that underpin tactile sounds like wet kisses, horns, popping mouths, trumpets, a sword being unsheathed – so many more things. One thing that’s not present is the artist’s voice (unless that’s her “meow”-ing), but she seems to express herself fully among all these tones – it’s down to the listener to decode it in their own individual way.

Watch the video for “meow chat” below or find it on streamers.

Kate NV’s new album WOW is out on March 3 through RVNG Intl (pre-order/save). Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.