Photo: Chantal Anderson

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith blossoms on “The Steady Heart”

Synth-whiz Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith is set to release her new album The Mosaic of Transformation on May 15, and today has shared the second glimpse of the record with “The Steady Heart”.

The new record is said to be Smith’s “expression of love and appreciation for electricity” and in “The Steady Heart” we feel that reflected as an ode to the power source of the body. Smith’s song ripples and cascades, before paring back for her fluttering vocals to take centre stage, adorned by lightly skittering beats and high-weaving melodies. As ever with Smith’s work, it all folds together like seamless magic.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s new album The Mosaic of Transformation comes out through Ghostly Intl. on May 15 (pre-order).