Khotin shares the pulsating “Fountain, Growth” featuring Tess Roby, announces new album

Particularly since 2018’s Beautiful You, producer and musician Dylan Khotin-Foote aka Khotin has built a reputation for sheer warmth. The wait for a follow up to 2020’s Finds You Well has felt like a long one, as if a reassuring presence – never more needed than now – was out of reach.

Thankfully, that wait is just about up. The years following it have seen serious change for Khotin, who at one point considered leaving music behind altogether. Returning to his hometown of Edmonton, he found himself with fewer opportunities, having less of an interest in the DJing that had once supported his career, instead gravitating towards the softer, more meditative side of his work.

All that has culminated in Release Spirit, titled for a gloriously nerdy reason, yet a reflective one nonetheless: in World of Warcraft, when your character dies, you’re beset with finding your body as a ghost to continue, a mechanic the title is borrowed from.

For the project’s first offering, he’s shared “Fountain, Growth”, which is no small thing: it’s his project’s first track to feature vocals, courtesy of guest Tess Roby. The song itself practically shimmers with newfound energy, wrapping the listener in a loose embrace of sound.

Check it out below, and look out for Release Spirit come February 17th via Ghostly International.