Photo: Kim Thue (London, 2013)

Iceage announce rarities compilation and share the irrepressible “Shake The Feeling”

Danish rockers Iceage will release a rarities compilation called Shake The Feeling: Outtakes & Rarities 2015-2021 on September 23 through Mexican Summer. It features 12 tracks that singer singer Elias Bender Rønnenfelt describes as “misfit children” that were culled from sessions that yielded their modern classic records Plowing Into The Field Of Love, Beyondless and Seek Shelter. Some have previously been released as standalone singles, while others – like April’s offering “All The Junk On The Outskirts” – are seeing official release for the first time.

Today they also share the title track, “Shake The Feeling”, which was recorded at the same time as Beyondless but left out because it was too “happy go lucky”. Rønnenfelt adds about the song:

We thought this one to be a little too ‘nice’ and well behaved at the time. I didn’t want to learn the song, so I ended up improvising on the final take we did before abandoning it. In hindsight, I find the song to be completely sprawling with an impulsiveness difficult to capture on purposeIt has some of the guitar work I’m personally most proud of.

It’s hard to believe that any Iceage song could be described as “happy go lucky”, but you can see where they’re coming from: “Shake The Feeling” is more energetic and upbeat than most of their songs – certainly previous to Seek Shelter. In fact, this one shares a lot of that album’s rock classicism, shimmering away like a summer pop rocker while Rønnenfelt delivers luminous descriptions like “every fiber of you constitute / for a moment as an angel brushed through your falling hair”. Of course, it’s still got that rousing, visceral gut-grabbing lurch that all of Iceage’s rockers have.

Check out the video for “Shake The Feeling” below or find it on streaming platforms. The tracklist for Shake The Feeling: Outtakes & Rarities 2015-2021 is beneath.

Shake The Feeling: Outtakes & Rarities 2015-2021 is out on September 23 via Mexican Summer (pre-order/save). The tracklist is:

1. All The Junk On The Outskirts
2. Shake The Feeling
3. Sociopath Boogie
4. My Mule
5. I’ll Keep It With Mine
6. Balm of Gilead
7. Broken Hours
8. I’m Ready To Make A Baby
9. Namouche
10. Order Meets Demand
11. Lockdown Blues
12. Shelter Song (Acoustic)

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