Photo: Tonje Thilesen

L’Rain shapeshifts through the elemental “New Year’s UnResolution”

Taja Cheek aka L’Rain has returned with a new single called “New Year’s UnResolution”, her first music since her 2021 breakthrough album Fatigue. Speaking on the track, she reveals:

“The words of this song were written at different periods of time to give a sense of what it’s like to think through the trajectory of a relationship at different points of my life–right after a break up, and many moons later. I wonder: what is it like to feel like you’ve forgotten a part of yourself?; how does time pass differently at different moments in your life? (like molasses, like water, like air); how do you set new terms of engagement with someone you’ve interacted with in a very specific way for a long time?; how do you deal with the turmoil of stepping into a distant unknown after a period of fierce intimacy?”

Although still born out of the patchwork approach to sounds and words that made Fatigue such an intriguing project, “New Year’s UnResolution” is one of L’Rain’s most fully-formed pop songs to date. Moving forwards on a bed of subtle synths and droplets of piano, the production grows stronger in tandem with L’Rain’s growing understanding of herself and distance from the pain of her previous relationship. Still vaporous enough to dream to, “New Year’s UnResolution” is also one of the most grooving songs we’ve heard from the project, the rhythms slowly but surely taking control as you sink into the track.

Listen to “New Year’s UnResolution” below or on streamers.

“New Year’s UnResolution” is out on Mexican Summer. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.