Photo: Amanda Jasnowski Pascual

Mega Bog battles abandonment fears on “Cactus People”

Erin Birgy aka Mega Bog has given us another preview of her forthcoming album End of Everything with the new single “Cactus People”. She reveals:

“This song is a transparent call to practice addressing what lies at the feared feet of abandonment. All of a sudden I realized I was running away, with a black widow bite, collapsing on a trail several hours out of town, alone. Reacting to something inevitable, something I desired even, and taking notes of images arising while pitting emotionality against logic. At the time they felt like enemies, but somewhere in there was a seed wailing, ‘just watch yourself unfold.’”

Addressing the fear of abandonment, Birgy’s chorus of “don’t leave tonight” becomes all the more affecting on each return. The percolating synth dances around, animating her descriptions of the natural world reaching out to pull back her loved one: “The grass and all its snaky tongues / Try to pull you in”. The propulsion of the track perfectly accentuates the idea of someone escaping in the dead of night, and Birgy is torn on what to do “I want to leave tonight / Should I just sleep tonight? / Don’t leave tonight,” she intones in the irresistible chorus. As the song charges heedlessly on, all she can do is continue to beg “don’t leave tonight” and we feel pulled right in alongside her heart’s struggle.

On the video for “Cactus People”, she says: While making the video for ‘Cactus People,’ similar thrills and fears had me run to Greece, where I watched old patterns rear their noses once more, but with a brazen clarity – geographically, surrounded by new and inspiring friends, all with that ancient, echoing reminder of the stones we were born to bear, who we’ll have to embrace as company to find any peace throughout this life.”

Watch the clip below or find the song on streamers.

Mega Bog’s new album End of Everything arrives on May 19 through Mexican Summer. You can find her on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.