Hen Ogledd

Hen Ogledd ponder space and time through the eyes of an ageing entertainer on “Crimson Star”

With a few weeks left until the release of their second album, Free HumansHen Ogledd have shared another new cut titled “Crimson Star”. 

“Crimson Star”, in all of its synthesized goodness and resistless danceability, appropriately follows the equally irresistible lead single “Trouble”, which features Dawn Bothwell on lead vocals. However, “Crimson Star” sees Richard Dawson behind the mic this time around—making magic happen, of course.

With an imperfect, cracking falsetto that is somehow familial and reassuring, Richard Dawson sings of space travel and time—themes the band has frequented time and time again. Using a retired entertainer as a vehicle to accentuate such topics, Dawson explains in the track’s press release: 

“‘Crimson Star’ is a gentle, pungent pop song about a retired entertainer looking back on their adventures during the heyday of space tourism.” 

Free Humans is set for a release on Sep. 25 via Domino Records. You can preorder the record here, and while you’re at it, make sure you follow Hen Ogledd on Twitter and Instagram