Cosmic folkies Hen Ogledd announce new album with the percolating “Trouble”

Hen Ogledd – the British quartet featuring Dawn Bothwell, Rhodri Davies, Richard Dawson and Sally Pilkington – have announced the release of a new album called Free Humans on September 25, following up their 2018 album Mogic. They’ve also shared a new song and video from the upcoming album called “Trouble”.

While on Mogic the quartet seemed to fully invest in their weirdness totally, “Trouble” is them going full-on pop – well, as far as Hen Ogledd can go. At first it seems strange when they say Free People was inspired by ABBA – but that can definitely be heard in the chirpy “Trouble”. It starts with Bothwell telling a fairytale-like narrative of beasts and potions, and then lifts into the simply delightful chorus, trilling and chanting “trouble with a capital T / trouble’s got the better of me.” Throw in a bass solo, some synth interplay and an undeniable sing-song melody, and Hen Ogledd have come up with a genuine pop pearl.

“Trouble” only becomes even more charming when watched with the video, which features an eight-month-pregnant Bothwell singing along to the song in British sign language. She says: “The simplicity and directness of the video glimpses the ‘soft power‘ brewing inside a bubble of love and creativity at home, contrasting with a stark and uncertain world outside.”

Watch the video below or listen to “Trouble” on streaming platforms.

Hen Ogledd’s new album Free People comes out on September 25 through Weird World/Domino. Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.