Francis of Delirium are just a few weeks away from the release of their debut EP, All Change, which is due on June 19. The EP chronicles a turbulent time of new experience for the young songwriter, Jana Bahrich, which is in evidence on new single “Ashamed”.

The new song is a straight-ahead rocker, but with plenty of dynamism and commitment that brings the shameful feeling right to the fore for listeners. Francis of Delirium set out “Ashamed” like a gauntlet of guitar hurdles, and Bahrich’s tackles them all with vocal and lyrical aplomb. Even well into our adulthood we all still feel plenty of shame, but “Ashamed” is so on-point that it reminds you just how wretched you could feel in your adolescence – and yet it blasts straight through those feelings with its rambunctiousness.

Watch the quarantine-made video for “Ashamed” below.

Francis of Delirium’s debut EP All Change is out on June 19 through Dalliance Recordings. You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.