Photo: Hannah Mckimmie

HighSchool have no illusions about love on the quicksilver “De Facto”

Melbourne trio HighSchool last emerged in October with their sneering smash “New York, Paris and London”. They’re back again today with “De Facto” – another song that dismisses pre-conceived notions about things we all think we want.

They say: “We created De facto to shed a mortal light on love. It presents relationships as being temporary and expected.”

HighSchool slither in with a bassline that immediately recalls Peter Hook’s work in Joy Division and New Order – which is only increased by a luminous synth line that descends and a propulsive disco-punk drumbeat. For all the momentum in the song, their vocals remain decidedly unmoved, finding them alone in their room and flipping through dissatisfied thoughts. Things change in before too long, as they tap into their Smiths-like melodrama, yearning for that person they know will break their heart. The push and pull between their lumpen attitude and the brightness of the music that amplifies “the bliss before you take control” makes “De Facto” an addictive listen.

The video for “De Facto” was self-directed by HighSchool, and in its dizzying array of spliced clips, gives a good idea of all the cogs whirring in the trio’s head.

“De Facto” is out today on Dalliance Recordings. Follow HighSchool on Facebook and Instagram.