Photo: Finn O'Hara

Ailsa Tully transfixes with her quiet attack on sexism, “Parasite”

Last we heard from Welsh songwriter Ailsa Tully was back in October with the splendid “Drive”, where she invited us to escape with her. She returns today with “Parasite”, which flips to the dark side as she confronts a much more serious topic. Tully says:

“Parasite is a confrontational song written for a controlling and manipulative person. It explores the insidious manner in which sexism takes form, particularly within the inner workings of the music industry.”

Tully maintains her brooding indie stylings on “Parasite”, but subtle shifts in tone and timbre ensure that there is no mistaking it for a carefree affair. With cool menace she combines with the bass and guitar’s moodily ambling gait to deliver an unflinching account of how unchecked sexism has made her feel, delivering lines like “So let’s pretend I’m exquisite / And I’m just what you’re missing / wouldn’t you love to have me / wouldn’t you love to control me” with skin-crawling presence. Tully is not playing the victim in “Parasite”, however, as she casually turns her focus back on the titular person, fixing them in her dagger-like glare and pronouncing “I could break you down you parasite,” with the measure of a woman who has simply had enough and is ready to bite back.

Listen to “Parasite” on streaming platforms or watch the video below.

“Parasite” is out today digitally via Dalliance Recordings. Hopefully there’s more coming very soon from Ailsa Tully, so make sure you follow her on Facebook and Instagram.