Photo: Adam Whitmore

Ailsa Tully invites us to escape mundanity with her in the daydreaming “Drive”

Ailsa Tully is a Welsh songwriter that sits within the traditions of folk, but expands it into the modern day with subtle additions of electronics. This has brought her to the attention of Dalliance Recordings, where she now sits comfortably alongside the likes of Gia Margaret and Common Holly.

Today she shares her first song for the label, “Drive”, saying it’s “about searching to free yourself from the mundanity of everyday life. It was inspired by a time when my brain was festering in a boring job. I needed an escape”

Indeed, Tully takes us right into that mundanity in the opening lines of “Drive”, where she toils in dragging days and frets about her precious time slipping away. Even in these frustrated reflections, there is a grace and luminous beauty in both her voice and guitar work that just can’t be kept cooped up, and as a silver synth bed starts to rise up “Drive” transforms into an escapist fantasy. All of a sudden we’re alongside Tully in a blissful daydream, cruising along some sun-kissed coast or going out for a night of carefree fun. “Drive” is so picturesquely pretty and captivating, it can transport you anywhere.

Listen to “Drive” on streaming platforms or watch the video below.

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