Photo: Lynn Thiesen

Francis of Delirium pay tribute to those who made them on new anthem “Lakes”

Francis of Delirium are the Luxembourg-based duo of Canadian Jana Bahrich and American Chris Hewett, who released their debut EP over the summer. Today they’ve revealed plans for a second EP called Wading, which will arrive in February, and they’ve shared the lead single, “Lakes”. Bahrich discusses the song’s themes, saying:

“The main idea in Lakes is that we are all fed by other people (or other “rivers”) to eventually form who we are, one large lake fed by other water streams, one community. Left emptied and lost, you begin to lose your sense of self. Your anchor was the people around you, and now you’re tied to nothing, floating around in a space alone.”

How much can someone grow up in the space of half a year or so? Because “Lakes” shows a whole new level of lyrical and musical maturity from Francis of Delirium, with the still-19-year-old Bahrich guiding us through the tributaries of her thought process, while she and Hewett create a sonic maelstrom all around. When it reaches the epic chorus, the duo forge something truly anthemic, somewhere between Arcade Fire and mid-west emo, with Bahrich’s voice resoundingly leading the charge. In “Lakes”, Francis of Delirium have produced a song around a complex theme, but delivered it with an urgency that simplifies it down to a visceral need to sing along with all those you love.

Francis of Delirium’s Wading EP arrives in February via Dalliance Recordings. You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.