Jenn Wasner is ever in-demand as a guitar shredder, but she’s venturing forth with her second album from her solo project Flock of Dimes, Head of Roses, which arrives on April 2 via Sub Pop. It follows up last year’s excellent Like So Much Desire EP, and, unsurprisingly, finds her once again diving headlong into the nuances and complexities of human existence.

This is evidenced by lead single “Two”, which she says “is about trying to find a kind of balance between independence and interdependence, and the multitudes within ourselves. It’s about trying to reconcile the desire to maintain a sense of personal autonomy and freedom with the need to connect deeply with others. And it’s about struggling to feel at home in a body, and learning how to accept that the projection of self that you show to others will always be incomplete.

To aid in this quest to “find a kind of balance between independence and interdependence,” she has constructed a framework of blocky synths, whispering guitar and pattering drums, leaving plenty of space for her pontifications. She moves through vocal melodies with such natural ease that you don’t at first register how impressive it is, but as “Two” builds into a luscious chorus full of wonderful tones, her voice still leads the way in all its rich finesse. Wasner’s the kind of voice you could listen to forever, which is what “Two” demands, as it’s not only a sonic delight, but a lyrical treasure trove full of personal truths that strike a universal chord.

You can listen to “Two” on streaming platforms, but below watch the video by  Lola B. Pierson and Cricket Arrison, which expands the themes of the song into a visual beauty.

Flock of Dimes’ new album Head of Roses arrives on April 2 via Sub Pop. Follow Flock of Dimes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.