Photo: Kana Tarumi

CHAI return via the effervescent “PARA PARA”, announce new album

The return of CHAI is always something to genuinely rejoice over. The band’s unending ability to channel pure expression and unbridled joy makes them nothing less than a treasure, treading ground that would feel disingenuous coming from just about anyone else with unparalleled ease. They find – and create – ecstasy in, often, the simplest of things. It’s infectious, to say the least.

Having widened their ambitions with 2021’s WINK, they’re now ready to return for a fourth round with the self-titled CHAI, which they’ve just announced for release on September 22 through Sub Pop.

To mark the occasion, they’ve shared the boisterous “PARA PARA”, a blend of sumptuous City pop alongside funk and disco elements. Inspired by a two-step craze that swept Japan in the 90’s.

Regarding their amusing inspiration, the band shares, “There’s not a deep meaning to that song, it’s really just about the dance. As long as you can feel the two-step, any dance is possible! Let your body just move to your dancing heart ♡ When your body moves to the beat of your heart, you’ll realize that the world is smaller than you think, and all your problems are easier than they seem. ‘Cause two-step and music is the best way to communicate in this world ♡ Let it START! CHAI’s two-step dance music ☆☆.

Check “PARA PARA” out below or find it on streamers.

CHAI’s new self-titled album will be out on September 22 through Sub Pop (pre-order/save). Follow CHAI on TikTok, FacebookTwitter and Instagram